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Reflections Park Memorial

“Reflections Park” was the idea of the Pomrenke family to pay it forward after their son Seth became ill in 2008 and the Estelline community and Legion Members helped them.

Donald Zafft or DZ and Tammy Krein were asked to help make the park a reality in early July 2010. An aggressive goal of having it completed in 11 months was made to make sure our WW II veterans had a chance to see the park.
The park has three main purposes: First to honor all Veterans from the Estelline area for their service to our country. Second was to make a place where people could go and reflect on their lives and the lives of their loved ones, this is accomplished by being adjacent to the Nursing home and the cemetery. Third was giving a place for the general public to go for a walk, enjoy the summer nights and create more activity for the residents of the Nursing home to see.

The park name was changed from “Reflections Park” to “Reflections Memorial Park” by the suggestion of Donald Zafft.

The 13 flags and poles were the first items purchased and donated by the Zafft family for the project. They were bought before the City Council gave its final approval for the park.

The park was built on City property that was not being used, and had very little potential for use. The City of Estelline donates the electricity, water, and insurance for the park.

At the first committee meeting for the park it was agreed that this was going to be a large project with many decisions to be made and bumps in the road, the members agreed that they may not always agree on every decision but after every meeting they would leave united and as friends. The committee consisted of two former Air Force Security Policeman, and a civilian.

The park was designed by Donald Zafft after being advised of what was wanted at the park, during the process it was changed at least three times.

The first statue donated was the Marine statue on the first day that donations were being accepted.

An anonymous person called Zafft and donated the Navy statue under the condition he stayed anonymous. The person told Zafft he can never tell who donated it. One week later this person called Zafft back and asked if his wishes were honored, Zafft told him it was honored. The person then donated the Air Force statue under the same conditions. To this day Don Zafft has told no one this secret, and has vowed he will never tell.

Tammy Krein was given the daunting task of organizing the fund raising for the park, her ideas included raffling a 4-wheeler and TV, organizing a chili cook-off that included a silent auction, and BINGO, a Super Bowl Party, pancake breakfast, and meal on July 4, 2011, the dedication day.

Through fund raising and donations, all the names listed on the Montgomery Anderson Post 184 "Honor Roll", who did not have family, were listed on the tablets.

“Elijah's Mystery Chili” won the Chili Cook-Off.

The 4-wheeler and TV were won by Jerry Squashingroff and James Benning during the Super Bowl, James and Jerry just happened to be together playing cards when they were notified.

The first official work day, cleaning up the trees for the park was on 9-11, this was not on purpose it just worked out to be on a Saturday when there was help available. Jeff Williams and the Williams family saved the day by bringing another chain saw when one chain saw stopped working, Jeff was nick-named Jeff “Keep it Sharp” Williams at the end of the day. Several people worked that day from men in their 70's to kids as young as 5. Fourteen loads of trees were hauled out by Ken Krein that first day, and five more were hauled out the following Saturday using his large trailer with a lift.



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